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A recently released podcast from The Moth featuring Anthony is a must-listen. Find it here.

“The only thing harder than telling a deeply personal story about my father and my family in front a live audience at The Moth a few years back was finally telling my father that I actually did it. With the release of this podcast it was time to do so. His loving, thoughtful and reflective reaction caught me by surprise, and then didn’t surprise me at all.”

Think junk good and wine don’t go together? Think again! Anthony Giglio shows some interesting pairings.


See Anthony’s complete “Ask The Wine Wise Guy”  series at here!

Recent articles from Anthony:

Main-Vosne-Domaine-Clos-French-Red-Wines-620x450“Pinot Envy: Why Burgundy Wines Cost So Much and 3 Tips for Buying the Best Bottles” A helpful guide to navigating the fine wines of Burgundy.



Beer pour“Why Beer Deserves Better Glasses—and Which Ones Make It Taste Best” How to make a brewmaster happy? Treat his beer like the fine wine that it is.



off dry new“Hitting the Sweet Spot: “Off-Dry” Wines Are Making a Comeback” Americans fell in love with the wine’s big, generous flavors.



Details2“The Best Wines and Beers for Thanksgiving” Just in time for Thanksgiving, Anthony shares his top wine picks for each of the possible proteins you might encounter this holiday season.



rose-drinks-blog-460x440“The Power of Pink: How Rosé Won Over Male Drinkers and Became a Year-Round Wine” Once upon a time rosés were a wimp’s drinks—the stuff your dad pushed aside for “real” wine. Today, practically every winemaking country on the planet produces a delicious rosé with variations that purposefully mimic—or depart from—the classic French style of yore.



From La Cucina Italiana:

max470wc_0212_Wine_ADDON.01“Behind the Bubbles” – Anthony Giglio laments how the word Champagne has become a common misnomer for any wine that sparkles, and he highlights producers in Italy who make their bubbly following the metodo classico.


max470wc_0412_Wine_ADDON_v3“Amarone Con Amore” – Amarone is made in the laborious and time intensive process called appassimento, in which grapes are dried for several months before the crush. The drying concentrates sugars and flavors, breaks down acids, transforms tannins and helps account for Amarone’s notoriously high prices.


max470wc_LC0713_wine_06_v3“The Essence of Etna” – The aromatic, complex wines from Sicily’s Mt. Etna capture its volcanic terroir.



max470wc_WINE_FINITO“Sky High Wine” – The high-altitude wines made in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta region offer marked individuality, with bracing, steely whites from the region’s heights, and old-vine nebbiolos from the area’s lower slopes.



“Abruzzo Reborn” – Abruzzo might be the most underappreciated wine region in Italy. For many people, its reigning wine, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, conjures images of inexpensive, easy-to-drink—if sometimes inconsistent—wines.







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